Stream "The Strange", the New EP by Hamilton Based Band The Peaks and Valleys

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The highs and lows, the ups and downs, or The Peaks and Valleys. Started in 2016 by David Mosco, the band was nothing more than a name for some time. Toying around with the idea of releasing some music but not sure where to start, he announced a post-rock initiative ‘Finding Home’ in early 2018. It is an ongoing project where songs will be added to the collection over time. The first two songs “Suddenly, Life” and “Living Between Memory and Hope” saw some play on various internet radio stations throughout the year.

Wanting to explore something with vocals, David began recording demos in mid-2018. Over the next several months he would narrow down and refine tracks that would eventually become “The Strange”. The EP follows a narrative of leaving a bad situation and finding yourself. Full of honest, and sometimes ambiguous lyrical content, the songs will lead you from one story to another. “The Strange” was released on the 18th and is available on all digital streaming platforms.

In David’s own words about the newly released 4-track project, he says, “The EP is about getting out of a bad situation, picking up the pieces and finding a path back to yourself. It was written at a weird time in my life where I wasn't exactly sure where I was headed, so calling it 'The Strange' felt appropriate. I tried to structure it in a way where each song adds a piece to the story. I did everything myself, front to back. The process of experimenting and venturing into new territories has resulted in this”.

The Peaks and Valleys music.jpeg

Listen to “The Strange” below and be sure to connect with David on The Peaks and Valleys’ website and social media. Also, stay tuned because we’ll be posting our exclusive interview with David very soon.

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