Stream "Transition", the Debut EP by RnB/Neo Soul Artist Sonny Dumarsais

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Sonny Dumarsais is an accomplished singer/songwriter/producer and musician from New Jersey who just dropped his first EP, ”Transition”, a project that's a reflection of his life experiences starting with his major adjustment, moving from musician to solo artist. During this time of transition, Sonny’s girlfriend decided she did not want to continue their relationship. He was immediately faced with writer’s block triggered by an aching heart. Sonny was down and out about the end his relationship, which made it difficult for him to find words of hope. In time, the miraculous work of Sonny’s faith unplugged his writer’s block, to forge his musical journey forward, which ultimately made his musical sound take root. Thus, the journey of the EP, “Transition,” began.

The EP compilation exposes Sonny’s signature RnB/neo soul sound, which reflects the heart and soul of his life’s journey. “Transition” has one song in which Sonny expresses feelings of love, hope, and joy, praying his relationship with his girlfriend would last forever. In another song, Sonny articulates his raw feelings of heartache after his girlfriend stopped speaking to him because his musical aspirations caused him to travel and not be home. Sonny uses another song to examine his damaged heart through the eyes of the rearview mirror to witness a love that use to be. “Transition” will serve as the backdrop for Sonny’s follow-up 2019 album.

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