Stream "Tree", the New EP by Virginia Beach Rapper Rep

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Virginia Beach based rap artist Rep has always had a love for music. Growing up and traveling all over the United States, he acquired a taste for every single genre. It was during a time in his life when he was teaching family life classes in the public school in Central Virginia that he started to see that the kids didn't have any positive music to listen to, and he began to make mixtapes for them. They loved the music, but Rep again saw a transformation a couple of years later when he realized that the music out there was not only not really positive, but not really real. It didn't address a lot of the issues that people were really dealing with. So, he decided to start making music that spoke to real life. While he hasn't been on a lot of big stages, Rep has performed in bars, clubs, concert venues, coffee shops, and conferences. He's worked with artists and producers worldwide and traveled around the United States performing.

All of this has been for one purpose--to be a light and help people navigate through the dark areas in their lives. His newest project “Tree” is very unconventional. It's a more of a metaphor than an EP, but he along with the featured artists had a desire to share a message through the art of music, and the art is something truly inspirational.

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Listen to Rep’s new EP, “Tree”, below and connect with him on his website and social media. Also, be on the lookout for our exclusive interview with Rep, as well as our in-depth review of the EP.

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