Stream/Download McKay x McCourt's Latest EP "1157"

McKay x McCourt.jpg

McKay x McCourt consists of UK songwriter and producer MCK from the Lovemade Collective along with rising UK RnB artist Thomas Gerard. The pair have just released a new three track RnB themed EP titled "1157" that has been in the works for over a year now. 

Gerard and MCK came into contact whilst both studying in the south of the UK just past London. They spent months exchanging thoughts and ideas online and sending each other files back and forth so by the time they met for the first time - it was in the studio with a whole back catalogue sitting ready to be executed in to a project.

Now for the title of the EP itself. To trace a phone number in the UK, you have to dial *57 which is 1157 from a rotary phone. So the title "1157" centres around the idea of a phone call with a somewhat mysterious and even slightly sinister undertone to it, in contrast with the bright and humorous artwork. 

The tracks on the EP are ordered in such a way that starts with the most cheerful and innocent track "Talk To Me" followed by "Cellular" which is a more confident and mature track through to the final song "Come Through" which is a darker track with a lot of vague information within the lyrics complimented with a strong melody and hook. Then the EP cuts off, almost as if the duo were just starting to let you in but didn't quite get there in time - having no choice but to leave it till the next project...

Influenced by the likes of fellow UK artists Craig David, Jorja Smith, Ella Mai and Sampha as well as others such as Chris Brown, Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, Jacquees, PARTYNEXTDOOR and ELHAE - the pair are heavily influenced by a wide range of RnB stars who they take inspiration from in an effort to create something totally unique that the UK has never seen before.