Stream/Download "Purgatorial Hearts" Album by Guy Grogan

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"Purgatorial Hearts" is the new release by Sante Fe based indie rock artist Guy Grogan. This album is Guy's 11th and perhaps most personal release to date. As with his previous records, he tracked all the parts himself and teamed up again with local award-winning Santa Fe musician and producer, Dennis Jasso at Fw Studios. The net result is a record that maintains Guy's reputation as a "self-avowed genre swinger", retains his trademark DIY vitality, but possesses a finesse and production quality his songs richly deserve. In speaking about the album, Guy says,

"Purgatorial Hearts" is a meditation on a collapsed relationship and, as the title suggests, an ode to others I encountered in the aftermath that were also navigating their way through the wreckage of their own relationship battlefields. Lyrically, this is not something I would choose to write about per se, but as a songwriter, I've learned that subjects have a way of choosing you until you have sufficiently told their story.

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