Kobe Bryant is on his last year, on the way to closing an amazing career and what better way to go out than with a dedication album. Shade 45 host Sway Calloway's website SwaysUniverse.com links up w/Midwest Hip-Hop Duo SNYD to bring you "The 8", a FREE album dedicated and inspired by a young Kobe Bryant.  Equipped w/interview clips, thriving beats and amazing lyrics, the duo captures the hungriest moments down to the most focused minutes of his career. 

Standout tracks like "Underdogs", "The 8" and "81" are directly speaking to accomplishments by Kobe and his mind state throughout his early years rocking the infamous #8 on his yellow jersey. Already gaining support from the Official Lakers Fan Club and various other Kobe Bryant fan clubs, the album definitely does justice to the Black Mamba.  

Make sure you check out the free stream + download via Soundcloud below or on their official websites www.TeamSNYD.com & www.SwaysUniverse.com