Sydney MC Nardean Returns With an Inspiring New EP "Creatress"


“Effortlessly cool and chilled” Declan Bryne, Home & Hosed, Triple J
“Poised with an unwavering honesty and an unapologetic attitude,” Red Bull AU
“ ...a holistic monster, the real deal, every box ticked” Tommy Faith, Sound Doctrine

Adding to her rising popularity after the success of her last release, ‘Nothing Matters,’ Nardean returns with her debut EP ‘Creatress.’

A conceptual record, ‘Creatress’ is about taking responsibility. The opening track, a spoken word poem, ‘Awareness,’ sets the scene for a record of stunning sounds and lyrical prowess.

In Nardean’s own words, “It starts with finding out that perhaps everything we’ve been taught to believe is … a load of shit. We then experience anger at the people who fed us these stories, only to realise it is up to us to CREATE the stories we want to live, and we may as well enjoy ourselves in the process."

Supported through an Arts Council of Australia grant, the EP is everything from poetry and
melody to Middle Eastern guitar and trap high hats.

I want this EP to feel like home. Whenever you stray from yourself, I want you to be able to listen to this and come home,” said Nardean.

Nardean’s previous release ‘Nothing Matters’ garnered immense support from Triple J, was added to rotation on FBI Radio, premiered on Red Bull Australia and was added to Apple Music’s ‘Best of the Week’ and Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” playlist. 

With her incredibly unique sound, a dazzling personality that shines through in her shows and music, and growing support from her fans and the industry, this EP is sure to make waves in the Australian music scene. 

Nardean EP.jpg