Hindu V: Vancouver Stand Up

Vicky Chand born (January 28th, 1990), also known by his stage name Hindu V, is a South Asian rapper. He was born and raised in Surrey BC (Canada) and has amassed a large internet following while striving to achieve major success. Originally known as Vicky Chand, under the moniker “VC”, Hindu V first rose to national prominence after the release of his debut single featuring none other than West Coast legend WC (Westside Connection) with a song titled “Still Westsidin”. The single received high praise by fans, bloggers and radio stations world wide who were infactuated by the West Coast movement. WC gave V an early CO-Sign in his career saying V would be "the next to blow!" 

V is becoming one of the few rappers to put Canada on the map. Well known and respected in his city of Vancouver, Hindu V has worked with WC, Young Buck, Gorilla Zoe, Euroz & has performed with artists like Warren G, DJ Quik, Jadakiss, Fabolous & Rich Homie Quan. V's Highly Anticipated Debut Album "Guilty By Association (GBA)" will be released late fall 2015 with full digital distribution through Universal Canada. Hindu V seemingly moves confidently through his career in hopes to not only carry the weight of an overlooked country, but also give the South Asian community across the world the chance to hear their voice in the Rap industry.

QUICK Three Interview:

What's the Hip-Hop music scene like in Vancouver? It is really competitive and cutthroat or are the other artists on the rise supportive of each other? H: It's kind of every man for themselves out here. There hasn't really been that one guy that's broken through and received mainstream success in the states, so everyone is trying to be that guy. There's a few groups of rappers/singers creating local movements a there's definately a lot of talented artists in the city, but I feel like there's just not enough infrastructure or outlets that help push local music.

How hard is it for you, specifically, and generally as a Canadian rapper, to be yourself as an artist and not try to emulate Drake and his sound since it has proven successful with American listeners? H: Personally it hasn't been difficult for me at all. Drakes a huge artist and has definitely open a lot of doors for different rappers that have a similar sound or flow, but my style has never really sounded like Drake and I don't think anyone is looking for the "next" Drake so trying to emulating his sound has never been my approach. If anything like all great hip hop artists have done in the past, I try to see what's worked for Drake and put my own flavor on it to make it something unique. 

When someone listens to a Hindu V track or your upcoming debut album "Guilty by Association (GBA)" or sees you perform live for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience? : I want them to feel my passion and my commitment to my craft. I want them to know that every time I get in the booth and every time I get on stage I'm getting better. I want people to know that I speak for them and I speak from a genuine place inside myself. Most importantly I want people to know that I'm a real artist and and a real person that won't ever lie to my fans or glorify the negative. Keeping that in mind my music will never be censored and will always give you the good the bad and the ugly, just like in life.

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