Where's Brookelyn At?

Brooke Elizabeth Wright, more commonly known as Brookelyn, was born in Pasadena, CA. At a young age, she relocated to Simi Valley, CA where she now resides. Brookelyn realized her passion for music very early on. She bought an electric keyboard along with an electric guitar and began using internet videos to teach herself how to play. Singing has always been her first passion; she continued school while pondering what career path she wanted to take, and concluded that no career would suffice that did not involve music. She began taking vocal lessons at 14, and soon joined her church choir in San Fernando Valley.  Within weeks of joining, she connected with Antina Campbell, the manager of a girl group called Gifted Nations, who was in need of a Latin vocalist. Brookelyn was quickly placed in the group where she developed skills in performance as well as being an overall artist. Gifted Nations built relations with Track Martians' founder, EJ Jones before Track Martians was created. When the group agreed to split up, Brookelyn reached out to EJ after struggling on her own. In a short matter of time, she was the second artist to become a part of the Track Martians. While working two jobs and maintaining a 4.0 GPA, she studied the industry and her peer, Anjaleia, and released her first cover of Jill Scott's "Gettin In the Way" in December of 2014. Now that she has completed high school, she is working on original music and just released her first single "Gemini" produced by Kanchantz and written by EJ Jones.

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