Quick Three with SPACE

"SPACE" is a Emcee from Raleigh, and now is paying his dues with performances at several venues in the Triangle area. This light from the heart of North Carolina has a heart for music, and as long as he stays the course, he will be opening up his new "SPACE" in the sky beside your favorite rappers. His new EP, "THE BOY WHO CRIED MUSIC" is coming soon.

Cam'Star Hawkins

What is the EP, "THE BOY WHO CRIED MUSIC" about? S: "The Boy Who Cried Music" is basically about the anguish out-crys of myself: "Space", through the pros and cons of living the life as a musician, and being able to be elevated to keep a balance mind through music!

What and Who are some of your influences? S: I am more of a fellow ear for boom bap, but don't get me wrong, I can dig this day and age and mind you, I'm only 20 but the heaviest influences at the moment would be: Joey Badass, Kendrick Lamar, King Los, Drake, Yella Wolf, some old Wayne, Vince Staples, and 2 or 3 others.

When a new listener hears one of your tracks for the first time, what do you want them to take away from your artistry? S: I would love for them to actually take with them the rhythm, energy and my different style of provocation, within my sound... I most deff would love people to understand the difference in sound and type, #TheBoyWhoCriedMusic has a reason of importance ...I would just love for the people to have a great time with it and enjoy listening to it. 

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HGS presents Welcome to the H: The Movie (Short Film)

While rising rap group HGS (Madison Jay, Perp, Kaniq, and P Mania) is on their grind promoting new music one beautiful Raleigh afternoon, they encounter a record label executive (Ill McKenzie) who promises BIG MOVES for the group by working with them. Things go sour after weeks of empty promises from the label executive and they make a plan to "finesse" the executive to make amends for his wrongdoings! 

Featuring original music from their 'Welcome To The H Vol. 1 EP' (released earlier this year on Datpiff) follow HGS in their quest from hopeful underground artists to potential mainstream darlings and everything that comes with it, ALL UPS AND DOWNS!

Screenplay written by Percy Rogers

Filmed and Directed by Big Game Audio Visuals

Starring: Madison Jay · Perp Dakota · Kaniq · P Mania · Ill McKenzie · Kia · DJ El Shawty

Madison Jay + COUNTY = 4 Eternity

Raleigh, NC Hip-Hop staple Madison Jay returns with the emphatic new single "4 Eternity"  from his upcoming debut album 'Return Of The Gap'!

Madison enlists production from emerging North Carolina producers Legion of Musik to provide a scathing and haunting production for him to lay down hard hitting lines such as: "The signs are becoming so clear/I'M the one that they fear/The humble shit ending this year, YEAH!" which is safe to assume his mindset going into his upcoming debut.

As the promotional run for the album begins check out this scorching new track which is our current Song of the Week and be on the lookout for Madison Jay's debut album 'Return Of The Gap' due at the end of the year on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and other online retailers.

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Marc Anthony Figueras Schoolkids Records Performance Recap

On Saturday night, Sept. 19th, Marc Anthony Figueras and his band, put on an incredible show in front of an enthusiastic and receptive crowd at Schoolkids Records in Raleigh. The overall performance lasted less than 45 minutes but did not feel rushed. Marc and the band kept the intensity high and each song had the crowd grooving. The last song the guys performed was 'Hold Your Breath', which was our Song of the Week seven days ago.

Fortunately, the attendees at the show and fans of Marc Anthony Figueras won't have to 'hold their breath' for long to hear his jazzy, melodic and soulful music again because his recently released "Blue EP" can be downloaded below and according to Marc, the guys have more live shows coming soon, so stay tuned.

Thanks to Marc Anthony Figueras and his awesome band for putting on a great show and allowing DOPECAUSEWESAID to sponsor their performance. Thanks also go to Schoolkids Records for providing the venue for the performance as well as our sponsor from across the pond, Clowdy. Most importantly, thanks go to the fans and music lovers who came out to see Marc and the band play live. Keep supporting great artists like these guys by buying their material, seeing them perform live and spreading the word about their music. - Carlton Boyd

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