Marc Anthony Figueras Schoolkids Records Performance Recap

On Saturday night, Sept. 19th, Marc Anthony Figueras and his band, put on an incredible show in front of an enthusiastic and receptive crowd at Schoolkids Records in Raleigh. The overall performance lasted less than 45 minutes but did not feel rushed. Marc and the band kept the intensity high and each song had the crowd grooving. The last song the guys performed was 'Hold Your Breath', which was our Song of the Week seven days ago.

Fortunately, the attendees at the show and fans of Marc Anthony Figueras won't have to 'hold their breath' for long to hear his jazzy, melodic and soulful music again because his recently released "Blue EP" can be downloaded below and according to Marc, the guys have more live shows coming soon, so stay tuned.

Thanks to Marc Anthony Figueras and his awesome band for putting on a great show and allowing DOPECAUSEWESAID to sponsor their performance. Thanks also go to Schoolkids Records for providing the venue for the performance as well as our sponsor from across the pond, Clowdy. Most importantly, thanks go to the fans and music lovers who came out to see Marc and the band play live. Keep supporting great artists like these guys by buying their material, seeing them perform live and spreading the word about their music. - Carlton Boyd

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Marc Anthony Figueras is On the Rise

Marc Anthony Figueras is an artist on the rise. Born and raised in Miami, FL, Marc Anthony Figueras started playing music as early as five years old. He's always enjoyed playing music as well as songwriting and says "I've been writing songs for a very long time, even though most of the early songs I've written were intentionally forgotten.  I'm heavily influenced by jazz, R&B/soul, classical music, and blues.  Overall, I really strive for creativity and originality in my writing, because that's what I enjoy the most in music I hear, or artists I look up to."

Marc Anthony Figueras currently resides in Clayton, NC and his first release "Love, Insanity, Conflict, Entropy" was dropped in March of this year. His latest release, the "Blue EP", featuring our Song of the Week 'Hold Your Breath', is a five song collection of mellow and soulful RnB/Jazz music that will be on display this Saturday, September 19th at Schoolkids Records in Raleigh, NC at 7 pm. This free in-store performance by Marc Anthony Figueras and his band is sponsored by DOPECAUSEWESAID.  For more information, click here.  

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Scene & Heard: Support Your Local Record Shop (Schoolkids Records)

Based in Raleigh-Durham, NC, Schoolkids Records is the Triangle’s first home of the legendary mom & pop indie store chain. Founded in 1973, Schoolkids Records is one of the longest running record stores in the entire country. There are two locations of Schoolkids:

RALEIGH (Mission Valley Shp Ctr):
2237 Avent Ferry Rd., Suite 101
Raleigh, NC 27606
Ph: 919-821-7766

DURHAM (Bright Leaf Square):
905 W Main St
Durham, NC 27701
Ph: 919-688-7022

In April 2014, the Raleigh location opened a full bar and now serve over a dozen local and craft beers, with six taps, bar stools and stage for instores. In March 2015, a second location was opened at Bright Leaf Square in Durham, NC and both locations participate in Record Store Day.  

Schoolkids is a founding member of the CIMS Coalition, the first national Coalition of Independent Music Stores and has also been named by both Time Magazine and The Grammy's as one of the "top ten" record stores in the United States. 

DOPECAUSEWESAID currently places the music of our featured artists on a table in Schoolkids for patrons to pick up and take for their listening pleasure for free as well as sell on consignment. If you are interested in your music being available at Schoolkids, email us at  

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