Talking With Nyanda About Her Country And Dancehall Infused Single "Rodeo Wine"

Nyanda is a member of the Pop/Reggae duo Brick & Lace. She went solo in 2013 and has amassed over 90 million online streams with songs like her latest release "Rodeo Wine". This song, produced by The Kemist, which fuses dancehall and country is the first single released from Nyanda's new partnership with Eastern Europe's leading Record Company, Cat Music. We connected with Nyanda to discuss her unique sound, her success with Brice & Lace and why she decided to go solo, the "Rodeo Wine" visual, and much more. After reading this exclusive Q&A, be sure to follow Nyanda on her social media streams. 

Your sound is hard to categorize in one genre; how would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before?

Well maybe that's that versatility; i think at the core I'm a dancehall girl my flavor stems from that genre and branches out into various other flavors of pop, rock, RnB and most recently country..who knew?! lol me jus too flavaful lol.

With the success you've had with Brick & Lace and your writing team Bloodline, what made you decide to branch out and focus on a solo career?

Vibes and timing. There can be too much headache and stress more time when dealing with other creative personalities. I wanted to explore the full depth and range of my God given talent.

The visual for your track "Rodeo Wine" is very stimulating and lively and fits the beat perfectly. Who did the choreography for it and what was it like shooting the visual?
A talented Jamaican dancer name Slip did the choreography. We wanted the movement to be more on the dancehall side with touches of country to match  the vibe of the song.

What makes your joint venture with Cat Music the right fit for you as an artist?

They presented an offer i couldn't refuse...haha 

I went to Romania initially to do a collab with Admiral C4C and there was a good energy there with the people and their reception to my music so signing was a natural progression of everything that was taking place. Romania is gonna be that place poised to make a huge mark in the music biz internationally I'm one of the main artist they wanna use as a flagship to achieve that. They have good taste :)

What comes next after "Rodeo Wine"? Can we expect an EP or album this summer?

I have so many songs in the market place right now all over the wold it's hard to keep up. including a record with Pitbull "Keep u up at Night", one with Konshens, "Stop Drop and Roll", a record called Young and Alive with DJ LBR from France and "Uh Baby" with Albanian Dj and Producer Dj Viper.  I'm stay loaded in the studio working on new projects all the time. Things always a bubble.

What do you enjoy most about performing live? Do you have a favorite venue or event you've performed at?
Just letting the beast out, she always wanna come out to play. lol sorry for the creepiness but its true performing ignites something inside me. It's letting all my emotions out and vibing and connecting with the energy of the crowd. There's something special about each performance but I have a special connection and appreciation for my African fans who are always super receptive regardless of where I am on the charts. 

What do you enjoy most about being an artist/songwriter?

I think I described it in the previous question but also meeting fans who my music has touched in whatever way, is extremely gratifying and moving. I'm always humbled and its a reminder that I'm on the right path and we Give God thanks. 

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