The Best Indie Artist Freestyles of 2017 So Far

Aren’t you sick of hearing tired, radio freestyles that were obviously thought up months before, and are just saying the same shit? Wouldn’t you rather find out about some new fire that’s not just over the same beat everyone’s been boring a thousand times, but actually original? Luckily, some of our favorite Soundcloud artists that haven’t blown up in the commercial world yet have graced us with exactly that, and we’ve linked them all here for your listening pleasure. 

Dougie F

Did Dougie F just make a fire re-work of a Destiny’s Child beat that dudes won’t be afraid to bump in their cars? This rapper from New Jersey infuses a reggae-inspired beat that’s almost as addictive as the Destiny’s Child original. His impressive lyricism flows with ease, and he’s proven that his take on the classics is worth a listen with his Gin and Juice freestyle featured on Hot 97!


Wize is a rapper and producer who is part of a team of rappers  called BLVCKBLVD. He is killing the indie UK hip hop game and stands out from rappers like Skepta and Stormzy, who all seem to borrow from the Dizzee Rascal playbook. Wize’s cold flow with multisyllabic rhyme scheems shows that he’s more than just a passerby to the game - and a much needed refreshing presence! The UK rap flow can get a little tired, especially its male bravado aspect, so we give Wize kudos for keeping it original. 


If you’re a fan of female rappers, then Tink has been on your radar for a little while. Generally, we don’t see that many freestyles by female rappers (exception: the way Remy Ma viscerally bodied Nicki Minaj this year). But Tink’s freestyles and jabs aren’t some recycled Nicki track. She always manages to skillfully remind us of her haters and how she’s above them “Snatching wigs, I'm really their worst fear, If they can't hold their weight, I swear I slay 'em like reindeer”, still staying classy, somehow. The perfect track to get you pumped up for the gym or a night out.

Little Simz

Little Simz is on the cusp of being a crossover artist internationally, but the UK MC is mostly known for her skills to convey a deeper social commentary through lyrics - in this track, she puts the poetry aside and lets her hair down with famous  song-songwriter Bibi Bourelly for an airport swagger track about constant jet-setting and “hella dank” weed in Dubai that is impossible not to play on loop. We are crushing hard on both of these ladies, with no shame, and they have us all hyped for their next collab!