The Best RnB Artists To Get Freaky To

Sometimes, the time for the perfect playlist is extremely vital - especially when it comes to between the sheets. So we compiled a list of tracks that will go perfectly with some black lace, dimmed lines and a glass of red wine - they might even get you out of the friend zone.


J Robb

Feature Track: Say What
J Robb takes your favorite tracks from the 90’s and early 2000’s and puts his sexy, sexy twist on it.  Get freaky to the reworks of Ashanti, Tamia, Justin Timberlake and more. He infuses a jazziness and super chilled tempo that makes you want to get wavy and do stuff. 

Yellowlunarhuman (Pomo) 

Feature Track: Kiss it Better Remix 
You might know this producer better as Pomo. His alter ego has some pretty fuego tracks, that although sparsely posted, are all amazing. With jazz inspirations and remixes of Janet Jackson, Sade, and more. The beats are all velvety but his remix of Rihanna’s “Kiss it Better” is a funky, stridant bedroom anthem that gives the original song an extra 80’s inspired kick. 


Feature track: Freaky
This panty-dropping sensation  has under 15k followers, but seems to be the lovechild of Tory Lanez, the Weeknd, and R.Kelly. His falsettos and hi-hats are sharp, and his Soundcloud followers are sure to follow the quality of his tracks soon enough


Feature Track: CRYBABY
Abra is adorable, and her old school beats are infection. She reminds a little of Janet and some vixens from her era, singing way beyond her years. This R&B crooner is perfect for ghosty bedroom vibes and her sexy taunts will have you playing in the sheets all night. 


Feature Track: Body Slam feat. Santell
Alizzz will get you revved up in all the right ways. His moaning, come-hither voice reminds of Usher in tracks like the above, and the songs are a little brighter and more dynamic than some of the sleepier songs on this list. His tracks will get you into bed but wake you up in all the right ways ;)

Penthouse Penthouse

Feature Track: 69 Camara feat. Bobby Saint
This track is pretty straightforward in it’s message - if there was ever a song to make you want to get freaky in a car, this is it. Bobby Saint croons sweet pillow talk to us to the tune of Penthouse’s punchy synth beats. Be sure to check out his remix of Elijah Blake and Dej Loaf’s remix of “I Just Wanna”.


Feature Track: Nintendo $hawty
This indie artist’s lyrics are on point and will definitely seduce you. She entices and makes promises about being your Nintendo Shawty - entice your man with some Nintendo in nothing but your socks, or vice versa for bae. Her production is super crisp and that voice (reminding a little of songstress Mila J) will cover you in goosebumps. 


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