The CAB Portal Partners With Dotted Music to Provide Emerging Artists With Essential Music Branding Resources

CAB - Dotted Partnership.png

Artist development and strategic music submission platform The CAB Portal has just partnered with digital marketing agency Dotted Music to provide exclusive access to their WeSpin artist growth training platform and community.

WeSpin is an invitation-only platform, but now CAB Portal VIP members and Music Submission service users will have free access to their vast library of resources pertaining to music marketing and career development. Not only that, CAB Portal members and general website visitors will also now have access to the Music Growth Talks podcast series, hosted by Dotted Music founder Andrew Apanov. This podcast features guests that provide practical strategies and tactics on audience growth, earning money & getting stuff done in the music industry without compromise. 

Founded by Carlton Boyd and Simon Boamah, and launched in February of this year, The CAB Portal's goal is to provide emerging artists with tangible resources, tools, and services to assist them in building their music brand. The opportunity to partner with an established brand such as Dotted Music makes their goal all the more attainable and it is hoped by both parties that the recipients of this new access will utilize it to navigate their way to sustained success in the music industry.

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