The CAB Portal, the Hub for Independent Artist Development, Growth and Music/Brand Success is Here

CAB graphic.png

The founders of Dopecausewesaid, a global music, culture, and lifestyle brand, have just launched The CAB Portal, an online platform that is the hub for independent artist development and growth, providing essential information for music and brand success.  As a subscription based platform, upon gaining access to the Members section, the subscriber is privy to five specific subsections dedicated to assisting them in their musical and branding journey, including Resources, Tools, Media Lab, Suggested Reading, and Consulting.  All subscribers receive The CAB Portal 10-Point Tip Sheet, an exclusive monthly newsletter, and are automatically entered into drawings to receive free prizes (merch, tickets, gift cards, etc). 

The CAB Portal is not just beneficial to subscribers, but includes the Lounge section, with a blog providing tricks of the trade, interviews, product features, and artist showcase, available for all visitors to the website. The Lounge also provides an Events Calendar, listing U.S. based music conferences and festivals in 2018, as well as a Partners section, which includes companies that have partnered with The CAB Portal to offer discounts to signees of their services through the platform. 

The Artist Services provided by The CAB Portal include website creation, graphic design, photography, and press release/one sheet/official biography development. Also included on The CAB Portal is the Official Store, which makes available the latest music software, studio equipment, recommended headphones and instruments, book bags and much more. 

In speaking about the purpose of The CAB Portal, co-founder Carlton Boyd states that “Our main objective with The CAB Portal has been to make it easy for independent artists to find everything they can use to accelerate their progression from unknown to the next big thing.  It all starts with creating great music that others want to hear, but after that part, The CAB Portal becomes essential for artists/bands regardless of their musical genre.” 

The CAB Portal platform is fluid, meaning that it is updated weekly to include the latest and most relevant resources, tools, articles and more that independent artists and their team will find beneficial. Nowhere else on the internet is all the information and services provided by The CAB Portal found in one centralized location. 

The wait is finally over -- The CAB Portal, the ultimate independent artist resource guide and toolkit is here. Go to now!

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