The UK's Curxes Releases Electronic Banger "In Your Neighborhood"

Curxes TV Shop Promo Large 2017.jpg

All the way across the pond in Isle Of Wight, UK, an artist called Curxes is slowly winning over the music world with her ambient and captivating art. "In Your Neighborhood" is the first single and video to be released from her forthcoming album Gilded Cage, set to debut on October 20th of this year.

The video is extremely well done and definitely kept our interest throughout, opting to switch between animation and live action shots of an elderly man working in a television repair shop. The man appears to be fidgeting with old school T.V. sets in which the animated and animalesque puppets can be seen in various scenarios and positions, sometimes taking the form of a band and clapping along to the beat. The video is inspired heavily off of children's television programming in the 1970's and the obsession with looking backwards, creating a nostalgic feel with the cinematography and even the style of clothing donned by the elderly man. The colors remain pastel and focus mostly on blue and grey undertones, pulling the overall theme and vibe together quite nicely. It is obvious a lot of thought went behind the production, and we are absolutely loving the creativity and uniqueness of the final product. 

The music video for "In Your Neighborhood" may seem heartwarming and lighthearted on the surface, but the ending proves otherwise- and we will let you watch the video yourself in order to develop a personal interpretation.

The song itself is up to par with the coinciding video, and singer Roberta Fidora does an incredible job at balancing an ambient aura with powerful expressions. Her vocal performance for "In Your Neighborhood" is clear, strong and contains the ability to ride up and down the scale as she pleases. Fidora takes inspiration from bands like Active Child, Depeche Mode, John Hopkins and St. Vincent, and we are definitely sensing the similarities to these legendary bands in her vocal style as well as the instrumentation. The track definitely has an 80's feel and slightly reminds us of a female version of Morrissey or Turnover. Regardless, "In Your Neighborhood" flows out nicely with a soft yet consistent bass line, and we can definitely see new and old Curxes fans jamming this track for many years to come. If this first single is any prediction of the overall quality for Gilded Age, then count us in for the listening party.

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