Thoughts About Dvsn's New Single "Think About Me"

On Friday, May 5th OVO duo dvsn dropped the alluring track “Think About Me.” Daniel Daly and Nineteen85 paired up once again to deliver a sensual track that creates imagery and evokes emotion. The sound of falling droplets in the production’s undertone and the string-like loops just adds to what Daley is trying to convey. Here he isn’t asking any questions he’s making statements, he knows that he still crosses this girl’s mind and he let’s her know it. 

The track opens with him proclaiming “I don’t think that we could ever be friends again cause are history seems like it never ends.” He goes on to ask who can treat her better than him both in and outside of the bedroom, at one point passionately singing, “Who’s gonna make sure you come first in everything they do? I want you to tell the f**king truth.” 

“Think About Me” is definitely a raw and real offering from dvsn, just like their album SEPT.5th and their short film The Choir. Enjoy “Think About Me” below and try not to end up the next #HURTBAE.