Tiësto Releases Volume Five of His “Clublife” Series, This Time From China


Tiësto, as many music fans both in and out of the EDM scene know, is one of the most famous, longest lasting and highest grossing DJs and producers in history. He’s played massive live sets all over the world many times over, so it should be no surprise that he’s captured some of these live sets and released them. Enter the “Clublife” series. 

Clublife has almost become a second brand for Tiësto, as he’s named his weekly podcast and his SoundCloud thus, and he also uses the hashtag #clublife quite often on his social media. It’s a bit of a chicken-and-egg story as to whether the album series came before the podcast or vice versa, but what is certain is that the first “Clublife” mix album came out in 2011. It was a live recording of his mixed set at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas. Just like most of the things Tiësto does, “Clublife Las Vegas” was so popular that is sparked an entire series based on the same premise.

There have been four more “Clublife” mixes from various locales to-date, and they are so sought after that each one has its own Wikipedia page. With “Clublife Volume 5: China”, Tiësto has begun putting the mixes on streaming format for free. This one appears on YouTube as well as Tiësto’s SoundCloud.

With each “Clublife” mix, Tiësto says he’s expressly picked that live performance because he wanted to highlight the particular city or region he was in. For the China mix, he wanted to shine a spotlight on how the country has been making strides in electronic music, catching up to and even surpassing the west in many ways. “The collection celebrates the rapid growth of the electronic and dance music culture in China, a country with energy, creativity and originality,” he said of the new mix. 


This mix is also unique because it features another DJ John Christian, also on Tiësto’s record label, Musical Freedom. It’s full of Tiësto tunes, from classic jams to new big room mixes he crafted especially for the China set. “Clublife Volume 5: China” can be streamed on YouTube for free or streamed and downloaded via pay platforms by clicking here

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