Review: Two Cheers' "Rollick" Album

Rollick album review

“Rollick” is yet another feel-good summer album I recommend listening to.  The album features a unique combination of influences from the 80s, the post-punk era of the 90s, and the ever-evolving indie pop genre of this decade. Bryan Akcasu, the vocalist and lyricist for the album, has a sweet boyish voice that charms you into a carefree caprice. Head to the beach, or the pool, with a bottle of wine in hand, lay out, and let the pleasant waves of Two Cheers’ new release wash over you. 

The album opens with ‘Over My Shoulder’, a upbeat, but unusual, love song illustrating the lyricist awe and adoration for a companion who shines with such a vivacious and bright presence. 

Two Cheers, "Rollick" review

‘Woman…’ begins with a fuzzy synth melody supported by a slow swaying rhythm and bittersweet lyrics. ‘Too Late’ begins with stronger presence of 80s synth melody that continues throughout the album. From here we hear the album transition through themes heard over the past decades. ‘Love You to Death’ takes us back to a mild memory of the 90s post-punk era with the harmonies created by the deep, brooding bassline and synthesizer combo.

The album ends with ‘Rest of My Life’, a steady and easy-going conclusion to “Rollick”. The song features our favorite 80s synth melody rolling and swelling throughout the song to create an upbeat, yet relaxing, summer vibe.

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