UK Singer-Songwriter Henrietta Connects With DCWS About Her Latest Single "May You Rest" And What's To Come In 2017

Henrietta is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter from Essex who just came back from a European tour with Atlantic Records signee Kwabs.  Henrietta recently dropped her very DOPE third single "May You Rest", produced by Insightful, and we connected with the songstress to find out what she learned while touring, what she likes to do on her downtime, whether we'll be getting an EP soon, and more. 

Where do you call home and would you say that your surroundings have influenced your songwriting at all?

I was born in South London but moved to Essex from a young age. Tbh I don't think my surroundings have influenced my songwriting that much but it influences me to be more determined to achieve great things for myself when I look at my surroundings but regarding songwriting, I think it's more about my experiences and my faith that have influenced what I express in my Music. 

In three words, how would you describe your music.

FABULOUS, SCANDALOUS and AMAZINGNESS. Lol joke really Erm, Id probably say emotional, expressive and meaningful.

You have received a number of well deserved accolades for your really DOPE single "May You Rest"; what's next for you? Can we expect an EP or mixtape in early 2017?

I'd love to do an EP but I'm still developing myself, experimenting and figuring out what my sound/niche really is and I'd like to have that summed up before I release a project but tbh life is super unpredictable so you never know I could release an EP. I have a bunch of songs so we will see ;) 

Tell us about your European tour with Kwabs. What did you enjoy the most about the experience and what did you learn that you can apply on your own headlining tour one day?

What I enjoyed the most was getting to know Kwabs and hearing he's experience and journey to becoming the success he is. He's work ethic and thought process is admirable and he's advice and encouragement motivates me to keep going. I also enjoyed bonding with everyone on the tour, we became a family! Also travelling to all these amazing countries, performing and meeting so many people and learning about different cultures and languages! I'm looking forward to that for my own headlining tour. But I've learnt that every single person involved in a tour is as important to making it a success.

When you are not on the road touring or in the studio recording, what do you like to do to unwind and relax?

Probably going to the gym ahah, that distresses me or eating some of my mums jellof rice ahah! I just like to eat and probably spend time with my family and friends. When I have the chance I like to go to church it helps me reflect on everything I've achieved and be grateful for the opportunities I've had. 

When will you be touching down on the other side of the pond for some shows?

Ahhh ASAP!!!! Just waiting for someone to book me ahah! Well hopefully for 2017 I'm praying for some big opportunities so I hope that comes to pass!! I might be heading to Australia for some gigs next year so we will see ;) 

Name some fellow UK artists that you'd love to work with.

Kwabs lol, Nao, Grades, Ray BLk, Tom Misch. But not gonna lie I'm a huge fan of some American producers right now!

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