Ekelle - Throw Dem Dollaz

Upcoming female rapper Ekelle releases a new single as a prelude to her debut mixtape “Dark Skin and Tattoos” to be released this summer. The single “Throw Dem Dollaz” is a danceable yet dark take on the relationship many rappers and music industry professionals pursue with exotic dancers and other ladies of the night. Ekelle acknowledges that they take place all the time, but makes it so the women come out on top.

With a beat produced by Toronto’s own Ya Boi Got Beats, it will be an instant club smash! Ekelle has been on the scene for about a year, but that hasn’t stopped her from making her mark. Topics such as female empowerment, sex work and real life stories are common themes in the streetwise rapper’s lyrics. So far Ekelle’s music and writing has been featured here on DOPECAUSEWESAID and Toronto based websites, Canadian Dope, Toronto Rappers and the Come Up Show.