Izzy Jone$ - at home (Prod. by Isaiah T. Anderson)

Isaiah T. Anderson, the HUMAN AFRO, musically known by his stage name Izzy Jones (stylized as izzy jone$), is an American Luv/Soul/Hip-Hop, recording artist, record producer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist and graphic designer from Clayton County, Georgia. He just released a very DOPE new track entitled 'at home'. Izzy says that it is:  

"inspired by multiple dreams, there was a girl, that had no face. she always appeared and asked me questions. sub-consciously she's spoken through me in song, asking me how I truly feel at this point in life, am I comfortable with myself, and with my surroundings. I answer not shying away from pure honesty, while trying to sway her to go along on this journey, by my side."

We're really feeling this joint. Press play and you will too.