Alt-Duo slenderbodies Unveil Their New Track “away from you”

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The slick guitarists/producers of alt-duo slenderbodies have released their new track, “away from you,” in anticipation of their debut full-length album, “Komorebi”, out September 20th via Avant Garden Records.

“away from you,” a breathy anthem that well suits the album’s overall intimacy, holds to the slick falsetto runs and touching refrains we can always expect from slenderbodies. Layers of syncopation add to the chorus’s hypnotic effect, creating a counterpoint that—as with all of the duo’s music—makes us want to stop, reflect, and leave their soundscape cleansed.

It’s one of those songs that wrote itself, concept and music,” slenderbodies said of the track. “In closing out the record, almost like an afterword if ‘Komorebi’ were a book, we decided to personify nature. It’s a neat perspective because, in terms of the story, we’re sitting in nature, but every 'you' refers to nature itself. We wanted to convey how in love we are with nature and the world at large that inspired this record.

“Komorebi” is a journey interlacing the deep soothing sensations of nature bathing with the achingly beautiful reality of human morality. The record cuts rays of light on blissful friendships, tumultuous love stories, the tragic wisdom that comes with age, and the ultimate meaninglessness of it all. The title means “the sunlight streaming through the trees" in Japanese. The full-length album was written, produced and played by slenderbodies, except for the track above, which was co-written with indie-electronic duo Opia.

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