Antwillz Explains Why He's a "Different Breed" in His DOPE New Track

Antwillz music.jpg

Born in New Haven, Connecticut, Antwillz consistently moved between his mother, father, and family friends who all struggled to make ends meet and support him. As a result, he was forced in and out of shelter homes after multiple evictions and had no choice but to stay in low income areas with high crime rates. As an escape, Antwillz immersed himself in hip-hop where he was able to identify with rappers’ stories of similar struggles. Rappers such as 50 Cent and Jadakiss helped inspire him to dream big even when you come from harsh beginnings.

With hard work and good decisions, Antwillz was able to get out of the hood and realize that decisions that are made at a young age can have lasting effects throughout adulthood. By combining the genres of trap and conscious rap, Antwillz highlights many social issues that plague his community. Antwillz hopes to use his music to help guide inner city youth navigate life and make the right choices.

Antwillz recently dropped his new track “Different Breed”, produced by Tha Vibe, and we’ve got it ready for you to ride to below. Don’t just ride to it though, be sure to share the track with anyone you know who appreciates certified Hip-Hop bangers, connect with Antwillz on IG and check out more of his music on his Soundcloud page.

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