Atlanta Bedroom-Pop Artist Nadia Marie Shares Her New Single "Two Things"

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Atlanta bedroom-pop artist Nadia Marie is preparing to release her debut EP, “Weekday Weekend”, next Friday, in the meantime, the singer/songwriter has shared the single "Two Things".

The twisting, fog-shrouded road to Nadia Marie’s autobiographical debut EP, “Weekday Weekend”, is the stuff of chilling memoirs and avant-garde art films—the EP it birthed an affecting mini epic of minimalist bedroom-recorded indie- and electro-pop inspired by a split-second decision, a terrible accident and a life forever changed.

While she recorded and mixed most of the EP on her own, writing all the music and playing all the parts, on a pair of tracks—“Two Things” and “Superstition”—Nadia Marie enlisted the help of friend and producer Mark Crowley, who has since been tapped by Moog to help create their new line of synthesizers. “I’ve never been more musically in tune or compatible with someone,” Nadia says. “Mark heard exactly what I was going for. I would sing a capella without any click track or music, and he would somehow build around it in a way that worked. I hummed a lot of instrumental parts to him, how I wanted them to go, but he pushed things so much further and was able to build the songs almost out of thin air. He’s honestly a musical genius.”

While it contains multitudes, at its core, “Weekday Weekend” has been a vehicle for Nadia Marie to rediscover her elusive past while awash in the tides of her new identity. It’s about coming to terms with a loss of self, overcoming circumstances beyond your control, and staring down the blank-slate possibility of a new beginning.

Perhaps nothing represents the promise and terror of this better than the new video for the EP’s title track, a short horror film conceptualized, choreographed and directed by Nadia herself. In four-and-a-half hypnotic minutes, it sums up her debut release, cycling through the totality of her experience in a series of gorgeous and disorienting visuals that play out across a dreary, wooded Southern landscape as she grapples with love, fear, trust, madness and truth.

Nadia Marie’s “Weekday Weekend” is out Aug. 23rd, but you can get a taste of the EP’s flavor by checking out “Two Things” right now. Listen to it below, stream it on Spotify and connect with Nadia Marie on her website and social media.

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