Australia Based Singer-Songwriter/Producer Sixteenleo Drops His New Track "Strawberry Lips"

Sixteenleo music.jpg

Sixteenleo is an Australia based singer-songwriter and producer who just released the very DOPE new single entitled “Strawberry Lips”. Originally from South Africa, Sixteenleo takes his admiration for soft, sweet flavored lips to another level, and we love every 2 minutes and 34 seconds of it. In his own words about the track, he says,

“The song ‘Strawberry Lips’, came after a slump of depression. I made a beat, but couldn’t find the words then fell asleep later on the couch that night, in my dreams I dreamt about this girl I used to know who could calm me down instantly, and the words 'strawberry lips’, might melt the pain from a frostbite kiss' came to mind. I woke up, wrote it down and that’s how I made that song”.

Trust us when we tell you that “Strawberry Lips” is a certified banger and that there must be something in the water down there in Australia that is causing all these artists to create such incredible music. If you don’t believe the hype, listen to Sixteenleo’s new release for yourself; and while you’re at, connect with him on his social media. Most importantly, be sure to stay tuned in to DCWS because we’ll be sharing our exclusive Q&A with Sixteenleo very soon!

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