Australian Rap Artist/Producer Razegod Drops His New Single "Idkpop"

Razegod music.jpg

Fresh on DCWS is the track “Idkpop” by Razegod, an Australian producer/lyricist reputed for the deconstruction and distortion of the modern melodic landscape and a salute to new sonic possibilities. Razegod seeks to achieve balance, an act strewn with self flagellant contrast and conflict. Such themes run rampant among Razegod’s online presence and discography (listen to “144” and “Sexual Apocalypse”).

"Razegod is a symbol of creation through destruction. Of the Unification of opposites. Of Acceptance and Forgiveness. Any way I'm able to sonically construct that relationship becomes part of the music making process".

Listen to the very DOPE “Idkpop” track below and be sure to connect with Razegod on his social media as well. Also, stay tuned because we’ll be posting our exclusive interview with him very soon.

Connect with Razegod: Instagram