Listen to Bake Kitsune's New Track "Hurricane's Eye"

Bake Kitsune.jpg

Bake Kitsune is a music project started by Atsuhiro Nakayama who is an American-born Japanese multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer who is currently based in England. The name Bake Kitsune comes from Japanese folklore where Bake Kitsune (化け狐) is an evil (Yokai) fox that can shapeshift into humans and other living creatures.  The core of this project is like the Bake Kitsune, to be able to shapeshift into all forms of music while keeping things dope.

Speaking of dope, Bake's new song "Hurricane's Eye" follows a narrator describing a girl called Jane who is struggling to find comfort in a foreign place. The narrator relates to her struggles, however, Jane leaves and finds somewhere else to seek comfort while the narrator learns to adapt to his situation, maintaining balance between chaos and comfort.

Check out "Hurricane's Eye" right now and listen to some more of Bake's music on his Soundcloud page below.

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