Brisbane Singer-Songwriter and Producer Keelan Mak Shares His New Single "Warm Blooded"

Keelan Mak music.jpg

Emerging from the smoky late nights of Brisbane’s humid streets, Keelan Mak is a singer, songwriter, and producer creating a unique and sultry palette of electronic sounds.

Combining the blissful intoxicating song writing style of James Blake with the atmospheric production of Rufus, Keelan seamlessly blends indie and electronic genres and combines them with his smooth, honeyed, emotional vocals and heartfelt personal storytelling.

New single "Warm Blooded" plays on the contrast meaning of being ‘cold blooded’, and that sometimes people think they are good and warm, and have the best intentions… but everyone has a dark side, whether they know it or not.

Set on top of a deep lazy groove that backs a dramatic low vocal as the main focus, Keelan Mak unapologetically calls out the bullsh*t and asks; why would you do these things to me, you think you’re a good person but you’ve deliberately hurt me for what reason?

"I spent the last year trying to over-compensate with the production, but ‘Warm Blooded’ was almost like a homage to my young indie rock lover past. I listened to a lot of Frank Sinatra and Matt Corby, and was trying to be a little more vocally interesting. The verses are super low in my register and they’re borderline theatrical in performance, on top of a fairly simple groove and production" – Keelan Mak

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