Buddy Ryan Unveils the Soulful "Sixweeks", Featuring Mark Echols

Buddy Ryan music.jpg

Combining his penchant for rap and soul music, Buddy Ryan reveals his minimal new single “Sixweeks” ft. Mark Echols’ and another glimpse of his forthcoming EP.

Employing a more reserved musical style, “Sixweeks” puts Buddy’s lyrics front and centre. Subtle synths and glockenspiel float over a constant beat, bookended by a soothing yet infectious chorus.

With a not to Kanye's more church inspired releases, “Sixweeks” follows on from Buddy’s first release in 2019 “Bad Feelin” which caught the attention of Cool Accidents, Backyard Opera, Wickedd Childd and Hit Up Ange alongside and add to SYN Radio.

2017 saw the release of Buddy's underrated debut EP “Grey” which centered around the downtempo single of the same name. Using thought provoking lyrics as his vehicle, Buddy talks through pain and his personal journey whilst hoping for peace.

This year will see the release of Buddy's sophomore EP which inhabits shades of hip-hop and soul to illustrate the duality of life.

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