DOPEST Song of the Week - "Cover My Skin" by Polars

Polars music.jpg

Our new DOPEST Song of the Week, “Cover My Skin”, by Cleveland based indie/art rock collective Polars, is a thoughtful piece of music featuring social/political commentary, natural and disruptive synthetic landscapes, and a massive brass section, which leads to an anthemic instrumental and choral climax. The song is a lead single from Polars soon to be released debut LP, “Native Carbon Bloom” (release date TBD).

The upcoming “Native Carbon Bloom” album was independently recorded throughout 2018 in various studios across Cleveland, New York, and Toronto. This 10 track indie/art rock record features performances from over 25 musicians, including members of various orchestras (including The Cleveland Orchestra). The music encompasses various themes including the impacts of global warming, terraform/space exploration, media influence on race relations, and the politically disenfranchised.

Listen to “Cover My Skin” below and stream it on Spotify as well. Be sure to connect with Polars on their social media to stay up to date as to when the “Native Carbon Bloom” album drops.

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