DOPEST Song of the Week: "Mud (Rise)" by Lee Clark Allen

Lee Clark Allen music.jpg

Our new DOPEST Song of the Week selection, "Mud (Rise)", is the album version tune from Lee Clark Allen's debut EP studio album, “Little Rock”, which was released last month.

Written and produced by himself, Lee crafts a 24k diamond tune that is timeless and could compete for the love song of 2019! It embodies all of our strengths and weaknesses, and it captures all of our desires, needs, and hopes in relationships that we want to enter into eternity. The production of "Mud (Rise)" strives to mirror how real love and good love allow for mask off.

Listen to our DOPEST Song of the Week, “Mud (Rise)” right now and stream it and the “Little Rock” album on Spotify. Also, be sure to connect with Lee on his website and social media, and stay tuned in to DCWS because we’ll be sharing our exclusive interview with him and our in-depth review of the album this week!

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