DOPEST Song of the Week: "Remember" by LA Sabree

LA Sabree new song.jpg

Our new selection for DOPEST Song of the Week, “Remember”, is LA Sabree’s attempt at a love song. Growing up, LA recalls most of his favorite hip-hop albums containing a romantic record or two specifically for female listeners to vibe to. During a listening session for his upcoming EP, his friend told him he was missing that exact type of song. Ever the perfectionist, Sabree vowed to make it happen.

Once he heard the beat (Prod. GHXST), he sought out to bring the idea to fruition. However, he ended up creating something else entirely.

“Remember” is an anthem for men reminiscing about their old flames - and more importantly and specifically that woman it just didn’t work out with despite everything lining up like it would. In the record, LA Sabree recounts the vibes, moments and conversations he had with a girlfriend who professed her love for him.

By the end all he has left are the pictures in his phone.

Listen to “Remember”, our DOPEST Song of the Week, right now, and connect with LA Sabree on his social media.

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