DOPEST Song of the Week: "Something For Me" by REGI FLIH

REGI FLIH music.jpg

REGI FLIH is more than your generic singer/songwriter. Lately, REGI has been performing in Australia and Los Angeles and has just released his first single “Something For Me”, our new DOPEST Song of the Week. In REGI FLIH’s own words about the track, he says,

“Something for Me” is a story of seduction from the beginning to the end. If you listen to the track, you will notice there are 3 stages to the story. The first two are from my point of view, starting with mental seduction and leading to physical. The last part is flipping it to the female part, and asks what are you going to do for me? The beat is luring and dark, but the vocals are angelic so it contrasts well.

Listen to our new selection for DOPEST Song of the Week, “Something For Me” right now, stream it on your preferred streaming service, and be sure to connect with REGI FLIH on his IG.

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