Fall Deep With ROMII in Her New Single "Cupid Love"


It's been a moment since Australia has heard the gorgeous voice of Gold Coast singer ROMII, but she's finally returned with a new project and a new single Cupid Love; a rising, electro-pop tune that takes a unique look at the traditional love song.

Cupid Love was written and recorded in Los Angeles with powerhouse producer Bryant Siono, whose credits run alongside Prince, Kelly Rowland, Tori Kelly and Luke James to name a few.

"I met Bryant while he was on tour with Jennifer Lopez as her Musical Director. We were at this party held after the show and he asked me to get up and perform something for him. I was so taken aback but I'm always ready. He loved what I was doing and invited me back to LA to make a record," said ROMII.

From the moment her feet touched the ground in America, ROMII was put to work; first stepping in on a writing session for Kat Dhalia, writing a song that would later be sent to Rhianna.

But never one to stray too far away from her own work, ROMII took to the studio with Bryant to create a song with a unique take on love.

"I thought about Cupid and how he'd shoot his arrow to make people fall in love, but what about him? It would be so lonely to create all that happiness, but not experience it for himself. Surely, Cupid wants some love too; so, he turns the arrow around to find love," said ROMII.

"I didn't know it at the time, but that's actually the story of Cupid in Roman Mythology. He hits himself with his arrow to fall in love with the goddess Psyche."

Cupid Love is the first the world has heard from ROMII since her string of awards nominations and wins including, winning Urban Song of the Year at the 2017 Queensland Music Awards and an award at the 'Unsigned Only' competition in Nashville, Tennessee.

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