Finnish Pop Sensation Lxandra Releases Her New Song "Dip My Heart in Confetti"

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Prepare yourself for more perfect pop from Finland’s latest sensation Lxandra, who has released her powerful, hard-hitting new single “Dip My Heart in Confetti” which was co-written by fellow Scandinavian Sigrid. Lxandra’s jazzy vocals, combined with reminiscent lyrics and a killer beat make for a badass girl anthem. “I’m not staying in tonight, I’ll be dancing in the neon lights,” she sings about pulling herself out of a romance gone wrong. Her coping mechanism? Partying the pain away. In a little less than a month’s time, “Dip My Heart in Confetti” and other power pop tunes like “Swimming Pools” & “Dig Deep” will make their way onto her exquisite debut EP, “Another Lesson Learned”, out October 25th.

On "Dip My Heart in Confetti," Lxandra explains “It’s about that feeling when you try to force yourself to forget about something or someone, it works for one night maybe, but it’s not really useful in the long run. You just get caught up in a loop and never get completely out of it, your heart never heals. But sometimes it’s simply exactly what you need; dress up, get out, feel good for a moment and dip your heart in confetti.”

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