Inês Releases Sensual Lead Single "Hands" From Her Debut EP "The Vessel"

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Fresh from touring as a backing vocalist with Matt Corby and Thundamentals, “Hands” marks a highly-anticipated release for Inês, which includes haunting melodies, sweet vocals and sensual pop grooves.

Of the lead single, Inês says “I wrote it for my partner. It's about letting yourself be present for pleasure rather than being braced for disappointment. He is the one who can coax me out into the open where we can dance together. He taught me to let go. I wanted it to be something that would charge our intimacy when we heard it.” Overflowing with lyrics, breathless with anticipation and set over manically driving bass & percussion, the first verse teases us toward a sweet release and a heavy groove - in other words, baby-making music. “Where my last single ‘Head’ was about an unrequited fantasy, ‘Hands’ relishes communicating openly with your lover.

Through “The Vessel” EP Inês offers herself – more specifically her body - to us. This can be seen in her song titles and autobiographical lyrics as she explores her “Hands”, “Head”, ‘Lashes’ and ‘Hair’; each are metaphors for traversing relationships. The EP concludes with ‘Storm’, a love song written for her band.

Alongside the release, Inês will also be throwing launch parties in Sydney and Melbourne in June. The launch will feature her incredibly accomplished band of handpicked musicians - and some of her most lauded friends - with whom she recorded the EP. Between them they have performed, produced and written for Sampa the Great, Boy and Bear, Ngaiire, Montaigne and many others.

Inês was born in Portugal and raised in Sydney’s Inner West. As a child, her mother’s love of poetry, Brazilian samba, American Jazz and the profound, melancholic moods of the haunting solo female singers of Fado began shaping her own musical experience.

Inês embodies all the sensual exoticisms of these European goddesses with the blatant, upfront, no-nonsense attitude of Australians descended from thieves and cutthroats. Performing since childhood, Inês first explored her talents as a dancer, then lent her voice to countless bands, recording artists and even some well-known animations, honing her craft in Sydney’s live music scene. She hosted the Jazz Hip Hop Freestyle Sessions, guiding aspiring musicians through the world of improvised music, and hosts Slow Release, a late-night RnB show on Sydney’s East Side Radio.

With so many fingers in the artistic hot pot, Inês has developed wholly unique artistry through her physical expression and commitment to music that is deeply imbued with mystery and depth thanks to a life of rich cultural indulgence.

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