Kid Buu Drops His New Song “I Try/++ LuV $ick”

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Energies surround us. Through remaining receptive to such forces, we siphon their power into strength. Kid Buu magnetically attracts and diverts these energies into catchy and colorful rhymes amplified by punked-up attitude, Rockstar panache, and off-kilter pop ambition. Like the trap’s answer to Elon Musk, he introduces one generation of “clone” after another, reinventing himself from Miami-born hustler to Toronto-based affiliate marketing magician to Los Angeles hip-hop hero with tens of millions of streams and views under his belt to date.

Kid Buu is vulnerable in his new song “I Try/++ LuV $ick”, where he opens up about feeling conflicted between holding onto a toxic romance or finally letting go. "Do I want more or less of you," Buu questions where his priorities lie. The infectious chorus and sickening beat make for a track with a superbly appropriate title.

The track already has over half a million Soundcloud streams within three days, Top 20 trending on New & Hot Soundcloud Global and U.S. Charts & Climbing. What's next for Kid Buu? His highly anticipated forthcoming mixtape, Revenge Of The Clones.

Last month, Kid Buu solidified his West Coast following with a smash live performance at the spectacular star-studded Real 92.3 Real Street Festival at the Honda Center Grounds in Anaheim. Quickly rising up the hip-hop hierarchy, Kid Buu is still riding the wave success for his spring release “Misery Needs Company,” from his most recent EP, “Blind For Love2”, which dropped on Valentine’s Day 2019.

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