LGBTQ+ Champion July Jones Releases Her New Single "Liar Liar"

July Jones new song.jpg

“Liar Liar” sees the London-based songstress point out the importance of realness in the music industry, social media and wider society. The track itself boasts some playful lyrics and a killer chorus hook alongside a striking electro-pop production.

For any artist, the industry can sometimes feel a-wash with people selling dreams. “Liar Liar” outlines some of its pitfalls in a somewhat cautionary tale, whilst also linking this feeling to social media, where lifestyles are often exaggerated to unrealistic standards.

July explains: "I think most of us, including myself, are trying to portray that our lives are so much better on the internet and, when you compare your life with someone's online profile, it brings you down."

As a champion of all things LGBTQ+ and a fiercely independent artist with a rebellious streak, July aims to empower young women through her music and has talked openly about mental health issues in the past. With this in mind she wanted to use “Liar Liar” to send a message across of how people should be more cautious of how they treat others and how certain actions might have a negative affect on someone's mental health.

July explains further: "I love being artistic online, but I wish we could be more transparent with each other, reflecting out real emotions and real experiences, anxiety, depression etc; it would mean so much more than just a selfie on someone's social media profile."

“Liar Liar” marks just the beginning for July Jones as she boldly steps into her own space as a songwriter, singer, style influencer and sought after live performer.

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