Listen to Dj Get Bizzy's New Single "Chasing A Bag", Featuring DJ Liability

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Dj Get Bizzy is back with his fifth release of the year with “Chasing A Bag”. On this Horus Beats produced track Bizzy gets help from Indianapolis native DJ Liability. On the track, the two dual-threat DJ/artists rap about the pursuit of money, designer clothes, and having tunnel vision when it comes to both.

On the first verse Bizzy raps “I’m gettin straight to the money though, ain’t got no time for funny H**s”. Bizzy finessed the versatility in his flow by switching up multiple times throughout the song as well as crafting the catchy and creative hook. DJ Liability finishes off the track with a smooth but energetic verse. Rapping lines such as “I get the cash then I get it right back. Feeling like Usain Bolt on the track, I get the bag, flip it, then spend it at Saks”, DJ Liability brings refreshing bars to the party track.

In conclusion, the Indianapolis duo combines to make the perfect “Mood all summer” track. The composition of hard-hitting 808s, crackling snare, and a chorus that cuts through the speakers makes “Chasing A Bag” the go-to track when somebody passes you the AUX. 

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