Listen to "The Destination", the DOPE New Track by Memphis Rapper Tay Rob

TayRob new song.jpg

Tay Rob is a 23 year old Memphis based rapper who did not start recording music until 2016. Only three years later, with his non vulgar and clean style of rap, along with witty wordplay and lyricism, Tay Rob sets himself apart from other artists.

Tay Rob has just released a DOPE new song entitled “The Destination”, featuring production by Austin Chapline. Trust us when we tell you that “The Destination” is an inspirational track that should be on the playlist of anyone striving to accomplish a goal, whether it be big or small. Let this song be your soundtrack to success.

In his own words about the song, Tay Rob says, “The Destination was a song that I created with thoughts of accomplishments in my mind. As an artist and as someone that is pursuing a goal, we all have something that we want in life, and there are instances where we may get distracted or we focus so much on what it’ll take to achieve our goals, and we start to lost sight of the actual goal. We all are working towards something in life and I wanted to make a song that speaks on that…it not only brings a positive message to motivate the listener to chase their dreams, it also has a energetic and soulful sound to it that I feel like listeners would enjoy.”

We hope that we have inspired you to listen to “The Destination”; if so, check it out right now, stream it on Spotify or Apple Music and connect with Tay Rob on his social media.

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