Check out Five of the Eyes' Latest Single "Mirrors"

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"Mirrors" is far from what might be considered a traditional prog-rock jam, and while the band certainly showcases their musical chops, one cannot deny the irresistible pop elements that serve as the foundation for this incredible anthem. In truth, there is something almost magical about the song. It feels familiar in the way that all great songs feel familiar, yet it vibrates with a poetic originality that will send chills down your spine. In his powerful and unmistakable tenor, vocalist Darrell Foster delivers the chorus; "Broken pieces, mirror daydreams, cut my fingers trying to put them back together. Come to me my love and savior. Your open arms are enough for me to surrender." The beauty of Foster's words are bolstered by the virtuosity of his bandmates, and for a brief moment the only thing that exists is the song.

"Mirrors" is about a passionate moment of self awareness.  It’s the realization that only when I'm fighting for what I love do I feel alive.  When my life shatters around me, which version of myself will I reconstruct from the broken pieces?” - Darrell Foster

The single comes off the bands debut LP The Venus Transit which is set to drop on September 29, after which the band will be embarking on a month long national tour with In The Presence of Wolves to support the release.

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