Orlando Based Conscious Hip-Hop Artist Clane Matthew Releases His New Single "I'm Not A Rapper"

Clane Matthew new song.jpg

Clane Matthew is a Jamaican born conscious hip-hop artist out of Orlando whose music is meant to bring awareness, knowledge, peace, unity and positivity to the world. His debut single “The Unspoken Word” from his “On the Real” EP went viral, reaching over 100,000 views worldwide, and is currently being played in countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. The song talks about the social and psychological impacts of being a black man in the United States.

Clane’s follow up release, “I’m Not A Rapper”, calls out today’s so called “rappers” who rap about nothing but drugs, cars, sex and money. About the track, Clane says, “While our kids succumb to the negativity, these rappers pockets get bigger. The song is meant to put a stop to that and call out their negative influences on our future generation of children because they don’t teach them anything positive. The term “I’m Not A Rapper” means that I am not what today’s society call a rapper. I’m an artist looking to change the way we as people see the world and help them to understand life by looking through a different lens.

Listen to Clane’s very DOPE new single, “I’m Not A Rapper”, right now, stream it on Spotify and connect with him on his website and social media. Also, be on the lookout for our upcoming exclusive interview with Clane.

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