Pop/Hip-Hop Artist Cody Randall Shines in His Debut Single "This One is Ours"

Cody Randall music.jpg

Los Angeles‐based pop/hip-hop artist, Cody Randall, announces the release of his debut single, “This One Is Ours.” The track’s vibe has been described as ‘James Blake on crack’.

I do music because I’m obsessed with the idea of it and what it does for myself and other people in the right moments, and this little world I get to create in my head and share with this new internet culture that connects in a really powerful way. I want to create music mainly for myself though. I want to write my own personal favorite songs, I want to be my own biggest fan and I’ve reached that feeling with This One Is Ours

Originally from Huntington beach, CA., Cody moved to LA to pursue music and quickly landed in with the right collaborators such as producer OneInThe4Rest (Ariana Grande, Ty Dolla Sign, Chris Brown) and mix engineer Mike Malchicoff (Kanye, Kid Cudi, King Princess) and the visual artist Mihailo Andic who has done iconic work for Lil Yatchy, 6LACK, and Quavo.

When I first met OneInThe4Rest we were at No Name Studios and he asked me to sing on this track his team was working on so I put some ideas on it and they loved it. I didn’t know at the time but it was for Kanye’s album. The one that he through out before releasing Life Of Pablo unfortunately. But coming to LA has kind of been a blessing in disguise, even though I hate palm trees”.

Listen to Cody Randall’s new track “This One is Ours” right now and be sure to connect with him on his social media.

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