Retr0gRaDe - Body Heat

What happens when you mash groovy beats with a smooth delivery? You get Retr0gRaDe. This Austin, TX rapper/producer duo is comprised of emcee RuDi Devino (SubKulture Patriots, 5-D) and producer Retr05pect. The name fits as their music moves in the opposite direction of what you'd expect today. So sit back, relax as their music takes you back to simpler times: dope beats, dope rhymes, all fun.

Here's Retr0gRaDe's new DOPE track entitled 'Body Heat' off their recently released self-titled EP "Retr0gRaDe", which can be streamed/downloaded on our DOPE Releases page. The visual for 'Body Heat' is on the way as well according to the guys. We're loving this joint; you will too.