Singer-Songwriter and Producer K.A.L. Releases RnB & Pop Infused New Single "The Man"

K.A.L. music.png

If there is one word that describes Kal Caviness, aka K.A.L, it’s “unexpected.” Growing up in Greensboro, North Carolina and currently attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a sophomore, K.A.L spends his time fulfilling his responsibilities as a student and using every spare second to develop his talent. The 19-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and student began writing music as a child and taught himself how to produce using Apple’s Logic software, releasing his first single “2:30” the summer before his freshman year in college. After just over a year, he is gaining buzz across North Carolina for his smooth, soaring vocals and unbelievably catchy singles. His records span a diverse range of topics from late-night hookups on “2:30” to filling a void with alcohol on “Tipsy” to letting loose and having fun on songs like “We Like to Party” and “Good Times”.

K.A.L is a true independent; not only does he write all of his lyrics and record them in his room at UNC, he produces, engineers, and masters all of his songs, is his own marketing team, DJs around the Chapel Hill area, and started what he hopes will become his record label in the future, Invictus Entertainment, LLC. K.A.L is in the infancy of his career but has extreme upside potential and hopes to one day be the most versatile singer, songwriter, and producer in music while paving the way for other “unexpected” independents to prove themselves.

Check out K.A.L.’s newly released, very DOPE RnB and Pop infused track “The Man” and be sure to connect with this multi-talented musician and label executive on his social media to keep up to date on what’s next to come!

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