Singer-Songwriter/Producer Gus Seyffert Shares His New Song "Hold On"

Gus Seyffert new song.jpg

Los Angeles singer/songwriter/producer Gus Seyffert has officially released his debut solo single "Hold On," available to stream everywhere now! Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably seen and heard Gus Seyffert. For the past decade, he’s spent his time on the road with Sia, Norah Jones, The Black Keys, Beck, Roger Waters, & more, performing in sold out arenas as a hired gun. In between tours, Seyffert has honed his skills as a producer, working in the studio with artists like Michael Kiwanuka, Beck, Jenny Lewis, Dr. Dog, Bedouine, James Supercave and more. Now, after years of working behind the scenes, Seyffert is taking the spotlight for himself. His brand new 7-inch, “Hold On” b/w “Make It Out” showcases Seyffert’s songwriting prowess and ear for effortlessly catchy melodies.

Though the new singles are the first tracks to be released under Seyffert’s name, he’s no stranger to writing and recording his own music. For years, he performed and recorded under the name Willoughby. With these tracks Seyffert decided it was time to present himself as a solo artist. “The lack of distance that comes with using my name as the project name makes me a little uncomfortable and very precious,” he says. That extra pressure is really motivating—even if my music’s not for everyone, I want it to be well-crafted enough to be respected.”

“Hold On” is a mesmerizing, downtempo psych-folk track that deftly navigates the minutiae of modern romance and communication, while Seyffert’s beautifully whisper-crooned vocals manage to impart both heartache and adoration in equal measure. “Make It Out,” meanwhile, finds Seyffert pulled in opposite directions, struggling to reconcile with his vices, his personal life, and his desire to grow. “It’s about getting away from yourself, “ he says. “Just wanting to change yourself, or your job or relationship or habits, but coming to that realization of ‘As much as I’d like to do that, I’m probably not going to.’

Seyffert began studying music and production as a child growing up in Kansas City, MO, and began playing professionally at 15 years old. Music quickly became his life, in no small part as a response to his struggles with dyslexia. “I went to a performing arts school that had a recording class,” says Seyffert. “Since I’m dyslexic, I was really terrible in all of my other classes, but music made sense to me. So I just took all the music classes I could and learned how to work with 8-track tape machines and pretty much immediately started building a home studio.”

“Hold On” is out now and “Make It Out” comes out on November 8th.

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