Snow Ghosts Share Their Chilling New Single "Heavy Heart"

Snow Ghosts music.jpg

Snow Ghosts have released their new single, “Heavy Heart”, the second track to be taken from their upcoming album “A Quiet Ritual”, out May 3rd via fabric’s Houndstooth label.

A chillingly beautiful and captivating track, “Heavy Heart” sees pensive soundscapes and ethereal vocals build to a climactic, distorted crescendo, while hauntingly catchy vocal melodies convey its unsettling sentiment.

Snow Ghosts say, "’Heavy Heart’ is ultimately a love song. It addresses how trauma can affect those closest to you and how love can become the most beautiful of burdens."

“Heavy Heart” follows the release of “Rip”, the first track to be taken from their upcoming album “A Quiet Ritual”. Centring around the theme of death, the album seeks to process the shock and grief of bereavement and its aftermath, as well as casting back across history and other cultures for their own metaphors and coping strategies.

The band explain, “’A Quiet Ritual” maps out stages of the grieving process and how every individual deals with it in their own unique way. Most importantly how they handle their own heart and the other fragile hearts inevitably scattered around them.”

Listen to “Heavy Heart” right now below and connect with Snow Ghosts on their social media.

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