Song of the Day: "Empty Sex" by Singer-Songwriter/Producer Halfsesh

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Halfsesh is a solo project from Australian/New Zealand singer/songwriter and producer Erin, who combines soft, sweet vocals with dark, bass heavy, electronic and hip-hop sounding production. Her songs touch on subjects and feelings that she feels people don’t admit enough, out of fear of being judged.

Growing up around music as a child and teenager, Halfsesh found ways to use music not just as something to do to get away from the boredom, but as a way to express things she would not normally and in doing so found a substantial amount of meaning in it. Always being interested in darker sounding music, Halfsesh finds making and listening to this kind of music a good way to reduce the darker parts of herself.

After going through different genre tastes throughout her teens and making all kinds of music from heavy metal to acoustic, Halfsesh got captivated when listening to The Weeknd’s “Beauty Behind the Madness” which influenced her to go down the more electronic side of production. After that, she would spend the next few years producing dark, electronic sounding music which has led to the release of her debut single “Empty Sex”, which is our latest Song of the Day. With stacked vocals, heavy synthesizers and drums, this song is an up-tempo pop track with a darker meaning behind it.

Speaking about “Empty Sex”, Halfsesh says, “This song was one that was sitting in my head for a while, it’s about somebody I was' seeing' for a short amount of time after I had a terrible break up. I didn't really have any feelings for her even though she was a nice person, which lead me to feel like what I was doing was wrong. This song was a battle between those feelings and the strong desire I had at the time to 'take what I want'.”

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